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Medipeel Derma Maison

Medi Peel Derma Maison Skin Science Research Institute


31℃ Healthy Skin Solution

“What is your skin temperature?”

The most ideal temperature for maintaining the innate health of your skin is 31°C.
Simply aligning your skin’s temperature with this ideal can delay aging and reverse the age of your skin. With the expertise of German CLR’s century-long history and syricalm CLR technology, combined with the skin science of aesthetics,
a new paradigm of aesthetics is introduced, making the 31°C skin temperature solution.

 Technology of GERMANY

Skin Science

Peptide Liposome

Through Medi Peel Derma Maison’s distinctive bio-technology, peptides are stabilized in liposome capsules to minimize the loss and degradation of active ingredients. This enables precise and rapid delivery to troubled skin, addressing concerns effectively.

German CLR’s
Technological Expertise: SyriCalm CLR

SyriCalm CLR

With the expertise of German CLR, a soothing complex is incorporated to reduce damage caused by skin irritation. It strengthens cell cohesion, facilitating the rapid recovery of damaged skin.

Premium Peeling Solution

“Unlocking the Potential of Skin!”

If aligning skin’s temperature to 31°C is the first step in overcoming complex skin concerns,
the second step is changing the skin’s environment through peeling solutions.
With the perfect synergy of pro-esthetician, where you can feel the heritage and product
strength of a brand that is one step ahead, we bring you a visibly youthful and radiant complexion.



[Innovations in Derma Maison Beauty Science]

We have captured the essence of 25 years of peeling technology in our products.
By incorporating German CLR’s technological expertise and derma techniques into cosmetics,
we’ve blended various effective ingredients in precise ratios, based on our know-how.
Our products have gained recognition for peeling technology not only domestically but also internationally.



[Customized Solutions for Skin Concerns]

Tailored care based on skin conditions such as damaged skin due to irritation or
problematic skin delivers effective ingredients deep into the skin,
replenishing skin nutrition, maintaining moisture balance, and activating inherent skin capabilities.

Unique Technologies Patented Technology

Cera-pep Cytocis® Technology Patent Number : 10-1959278

The technique of coating peptides with ceramides
for enhanced absorption of effective peptide ingredients.

Mela W2X® Technology Patent Number : 10-1906996

The technique to enhance the effectiveness and safe skin absorption of tranexamic
acid, the main ingredient in treating freckles.

Lipo-Repair® Technology Patent Number : 10-1509424

The technique of inhibiting the expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) by
incorporating glycolic acid, collagen, and hyaluronic acid in liposome-encapsulated form.

Skinidea R&D Center

Dedicated to product development with an uncompromising determination and the principle that there are no shortcuts to excellence,
we relentlessly pursue the path of constant evolution and innovation to create nothing less than the very best.
The unwavering dedication of our research team towards discovering impeccable and exceptional raw materials,
coupled with the pursuit of optimal ingredient blending balance backed by material science,
drives us to continue exploring the mechanisms and efficacy of the skin.
Our ongoing efforts at <Medi Peel Derma Maison> aim to establish a new beauty science, moving towards the pinnacle of global excellence.

Exported to 53 Key Countries Worldwide

Spreading Medi Peel Derma Maison’s beauty science and technology
globally to empower women around the world to radiate their own beauty,
we are growing into a global beauty brand.


Global K-Beauty Academy

We will serve as guides for estheticians worldwide, leading them towards their dreams.
Through the perfect synergy between the finest products and exceptional pro-estheticians,
we leverage Medi Peel Derma Maison’s superior technological prowess to conduct systematic practical and training programs.
This not only instills pride as a representative K-beauty brand
but also paves the way towards the future as a global beauty brand.

KASF Competition Collaborating Partners *KASF: International Beauty Skills Competition, awarded by the Minister of Employment and Labor.